Glenn – Responsive Email Template

Glenn - Responsive Email Template

Glenn Box style email template that make your information look more easily to read and unique. With a contrast color panel, for more specific content to clearly and easy noticeable.

Glenn Features:

  • Template Builder by Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and MyMail
  • Compatible with FreshMail
  • 144 html file.
  • 96 regular html file ready to use.
  • 6 color scheme in light and dark background (Cyan, Blue, Green, Purple, Dark, Pink).
  • Commented HTML.
  • Flexible table structure (delete/copy/replace).
  • Campaign Monitor and MailChimp ready.
  • Responsive for your mobile device.
  • Flat and Clean Design.
  • CSS Button
  • Contrast panel good for specific information.
  • Eye catching with bright Color used.
  • Sliced Icons ready to use (from )
  • Compatible with awesome WordPress plunin MyMail